Auricle Productions

I founded Auricle Productions

because I want to telling compelling stories with sound. Here's more about that.

Prior to launching Auricle I wrote and produced eight albums, founded and led a community music organization called Wild Things Music, and worked as a freelance writer in Chicago. I learned radio news through my four years at WVIK fm, Augustana Public Radio.

I was raised on an Iowa farm and have lived in Montana since 1999.

In February 2015, I gave this TEDx talk on listening.

I also like to write.

Thanks for stopping by and for supporting our efforts to tell well-crafted, important stories in sound.

-- Amy Martin, founder & executive producer

An auricle is

"an earlobe-shaped part." It's also a homonym with "oracle." You know, one of those people in ancient Greece who transmitted ambiguous messages from the gods?

We know we're not heavenly messengers. But we do strive to make things for your earlobe-shaped parts that cause you to stop, wonder, and think. Maybe even re-think a little.

Because the best stories are the ones that surprise us, crack us open, and inspire us to try on new perspectives.