Auricle Productions

What should I send?

We’re interested in poems, songs and personal reflections on nature. Everything you send must be your own, original creation.


Poems are anything you call a poem.


Personal reflections are like short essays. Maybe you have a particular outside place you love and you want to tell us about it. Maybe you’re concerned about a particular issue and you want to encourage people to take action. We’re open to anything, but the more personal and specific you can make it, the better. We want to feel your passion; we’re less interested in hearing you preach. You can write out your reflection ahead of time, or just talk to us as if we were in the same room together. For example, “I want to tell you about my favorite tree. It’s a sycamore in my backyard, and it has this really shaggy bark that comes off in long strips...” (etc.)


Songs inspired by nature are welcome. Recordings will work best if sung a capella or with minimal accompaniment. Or, if it’s an instrumental, keep the arrangement really simple.


How long should it be?

Shorter is better. Keep the recordings you send us to five minutes or less. The entire podcast is only two minutes long, so if we’re able to use your recording, we’ll be editing it heavily.


Where should I record?

Anywhere – in your room, your backyard, on the playground, in a canoe, on top of a mountain, or on the back of an elephant! The only thing to remember is that you’ll be recording the sounds around you along with whatever you’re saying, so make sure we can hear you cleanly and clearly. A little bit of background noise might be OK, but wind, loud noises, and other things that make it hard to hear what you’re saying won’t work.


You can also try making two recordings: first record yourself in quiet place, like your room, and then make a separate recording of an outdoor place you like, with no talking in it. We can then mix the two recordings together.


How should I get my recording to you?


  • By phone: call (406) 546-3164 and leave your recording as a voice mail message.

  • By e-mail: recordings made on phones, computers or other devices can be e-mailed to us at





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