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Episode 8 | Crazy White People Stuff

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As young outdoorsy Latina women, Lizbeth Perez Valdez and Thalia Perez, both 17, feel like they're bucking trends and defying expectations in their community. Listen in as they discuss how they're juggling questions of race, culture, gender and nature.

Here's the report by NPR's Shareen Marisol Meraji which is mentioned in this episode.

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Episode 7 | It Was Like If I Was Free

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Nine students from Oakland's Urban Promise Academy take you on a guided meditation on finding nature close to home and finding themselves in the wild. You might enjoy listening to the previous episode, Are These Same Stars in Oakland, as an appetizer. It gives you the background and introduces you to their inspiring wilderness/math/science teacher, Jill Johnson.

This is our second Deep Dig, which are longer episodes.

Also, our first experiment with using music (at the very end of the episode). Locally made by your cage-free host, Amy Martin.


Many thanks to Dennis Guikema and Urban Promise Academy for the use of the photos.

Episode 6 | Are These Same Stars in Oakland?

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Photo courtesy of  Urban Promise Academy.

Photo courtesy of Urban Promise Academy.

Jill Johnson is a math and science teacher at the Urban Promise Academy, a public middle school in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood. In 2010 she started a program called WILD: Wilderness, Independence and Leadership Development. Her goal? Get every student in the school out on an overnight camping trip. In this episode, we meet Jill. In the next episode, we'll hear from some of her students.

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