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Cookie ingredients await!

Cookie ingredients await!

The drawing for the home-baked batch of cookies was held in a top secret, highly professional location last Saturday night! And the winner of the cookies is...


Congratulations Daurine! You'll be receiving your cookies before Thanksgiving!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the survey! Working in a vacuum doesn't work -- we need feedback to make this podcast great. Thank you to the 32 people who spent some of your precious time and brainpower helping to shape this project.

Here are the survey results, with notes from me (producer Amy Martin) below.

Do you like the name?

Multiple people said they liked "Threshold" better than "The Threshold." I agree. Strongly. I added the "The" to try to help differentiate it from other Thresholds out there (podcasts, songs, band names, books). But Threshold without the "The" was my initial gut instinct. Pondering...

I asked for opinions from a few people who didn't participate in the survey as well. I didn't track those conversations as carefully as I should have, but I believe about four people expressed that they didn't like the name, and about four expressed that they did. Those who didn't like it had various reasons for their feelings -- there wasn't one standard "we don't like this because X" thing happening. Those who did like it seemed to be drawn to it for the same reasons I am -- because it evokes transition, but without defining that transition as either positive or negative, and because it points to inherent limits of systems or processes. Webster says: "the point or level at which something begins or changes."

More on the name in a separate post. On to the next survey question:

Do you want to help create this?

I'm thrilled to have heard from some folks who are motivated to take part in various ways. You'll be hearing from me!

Are you intrigued by the concept?

OK, so that's, like, super affirming.

Thank you!!!

The finished product, delivered to Daurine on November 24.

The finished product, delivered to Daurine on November 24.