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A Royal Mess

Amy MartinComment

Something about the phrase "royalty payments" makes your eyes glaze over, doesn't it?

That's why I was surprised when I tuned in to a congressional hearing about royalty payments a few weeks ago. People were pounding fists on tables, taking each other to task -- really getting into it! I stood in front of my computer thinking: I've never seen anyone get this excited about accounting.

Because that's what the controversy over royalty payments is all about, really. How we account for the resources extracted from our public lands. And how much we're allowed to know about it.

Curiousity piqued, I decided to dive in. I recruited Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams to help spice up the story a bit.

I do hope you'll give this Inside Energy story a listen, because a lot of money is at stake. Your money.

Which makes the topic a leetle more interesting, don't you think?

~ Amy