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"Learning Their Place" Prototypes

Amy Martin8 Comments

It's New Year's Eve and a new podcast is about to be born! I'm hungry for feedback on these prototypes of Learning Their Place. The five different "episodes" below are designed for air on public radio, in the breaks between longer programs, or between segments of programs like All Things Considered (the spaces where you might hear programs like Writer's Almanac, Birdnote, StarDate, or 99% Invisible).

What kind of feedback am I looking for? Anything, really. What you like, what you don't, what you'd like to hear more of, or less of. Small tweaks, big changes. Content, structure, length. Lay it on me! Please leave your thoughts in the comments to this post if you can. I have hopes of a discussion among listeners emerging, which may help clarify the direction here.

Again, huge thanks -- especially to all of you early supporters whose donations have allowed me to get this process rolling.