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What is an audio memento?

Think of it like an audio time capsule. A conversation or interview which you and your family can treasure for a lifetime. Kind of like StoryCorps or Radio Diaries, saved as a private memento for you and your loved ones.

How does the recording process work?

  • We come to you. Capturing the audio ambience of your world is part of the magic.
  • You can choose to be the interviewer, or you can delegate that role to us. Either way, we'll coordinate ahead of time to craft questions and figure out the logistics of how our time together will be structured. We'll take the fear and mystery out of the process so you can relax and open up.
  • Afterwards, we'll do some very basic editing of the sound files -- smoothing out volume changes and dividing the recording into listener-friendly track lengths -- and then return them to you on CD and/or via Dropbox.
  • The bulk of your conversation will be unedited. This isn't a performance or a glossed-up version of your conservation -- this is all about celebrating the real deal!

How will I listen to and share the memento?

We'll provide you with high-quality .wav files on a compact disc, which you can listen to on your CD player, or upload into you iPod or computer. You might want to store this keepsake CD in a safe place, and/or load the .wav files onto your external hard drive, your cloud storage system, or anywhere that you keep your digital media.

We'll also provide you with smaller .mp3 files, designed for sharing with others. You can e-mail them, make additional CD copies, load them into iTunes -- they'll behave just like songs in your music library.

How much does an audio memento cost?

Audio mementos cost $50/hour to produce. Because each memento is unique, the total number of hours required varies widely. Contact us to receive a free estimate:

asktheauricle at gmail dot com

(406) 546-3164


Audio mementos of:




friends & other loved ones

special events

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